What formats are your videos available in?

DVD, Video Streaming (Hosted and Self Hosted), USB Drive (with MP3 video file), Rental DVD and Rental Streaming.  We also offer most programs in an E-Learning format with pre-test assessment and post-test modules.  More info here.

What support material come with a purchased program?
• Leader’s Guide (PDF) Comprehensive guide with materials for live training sessions
• PowerPoint Presentation slides which may be edited as needed
• Some programs come with a separate Reproducible Participant Workbook (PDF). Look under the “Support Materials” tab on any particular program to see if a separate workbook is included.
• DVD editions contains support materials on a separate CD-ROM that may be copied and/or printed from your computer.

May I make a copies of the videos?
Purchased videos do not include any duplication rights and therefore you are limited by law to the one copy you purchased.  We offer discounts on multiple copies of our programs.  See this chart for quantity discounts.

I lost our Leader’s Guide, can I get another copy?
You may download a free PDF copy of any Leader’s Guide here.

I purchased a DVD of one of your programs.  May I to video stream it to our employees?
Streaming rights are not included with a DVD purchase.  We offer hosted and self hosted streaming starting at as little as $500.  If you are interested in streaming a video, see this chart for current rates.

What is your policy on a lost or damaged DVD?
If you lose or damage any DVD within the first year, we will replace it free of charge.  After one year, a replacement copy may be purchased for 50% off the regular purchase price.  Ground shipping is free–however if you need it faster we also offer other paid shipping options.

Can I upgrade an old VHS copy of your program to a DVD?
We have an upgrade program for VHS to DVD. The cost is 50% off the regular purchase price of a DVD.  You are not required to return your VHS copy.  (Ground shipping is free with any upgrade.)  Call or email to begin this process.

Do you offer rush shipping?
We offer overnight and early overnight shipping to most areas.  Please call and we can check to see what shipping options are available. 2-day and 3-day options are also available.  Our cutoff time for shipping is 1:PM (Pacific Coast Time) for shipping the same day.  In some cases we can ship even later in the day.  If you’re on a tight schedule, please call and we can confirm what is possible.

Are your programs available in other languages?
Yes, many of our programs are available in Spanish.  We also have a number available in French and some with Chinese subtitles.  This page will show you all the available options.

Do you still offer previews on DVD?
Yes and they are still free!  Here’s how to order…

Contact us if you have a question that’s not answered here:
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