Streaming or e-Learning
Your Choice!

We offer both Hosted or Self Hosted Solutions

One simple rate structure for streaming or e-Learning. 
Both formats may be hosted on our servers, or self hosted on yours.  Our base price begins at $575. per title for as few as 50 employees. (See chart below for additional rates.) 

If you choose e-Learning all of our programs are available as SCORM 1.2 compliant and come with testing and feedback.  You may choose hosted and access the training on our server--or self hosted and load the programs onto your own LMS system. 

All licensed streaming or e-Learning programs come with a full year license.  If your organization requires more time; a second year may be purchased for an additional 10%.  Discounts are available for licensing multiple titles.  If you have questions or would like to begin, please call: 1-800-929-3355 or Contact by: loading...

Base Price

Minimum # of UsersPrice Per UserBase FeeLincense in MonthsFor 12 Month Extension
50$11.50$575.0012Add 10%

Pricing Levels

Min Users Max Users Price per UserCost Range License
in Months

12 Month

51to75@$10.25$522.75 - $768.7512Add 10%
76to100@$9.50$722.00 - $950.0012Add 10%
101to150@$9.00$909.00 - $1,350.0012Add 10%
151to250@$8.25$1,245.75 - $2,062.5012Add 10%
251to500@$7.75$1,945.25 - $3,875.0012Add 10%
501to750@$7.00$3,507.00 - $5,250.0012Add 10%
751to1000@$6.50$4,881.50 - $6,500.0012Add 10%
1001to2500@$6.00$6,006.00 - $15,000.0012Add 10%
2501to5000@$5.25$13,130.25 - $26,250.0012Add 10%
5001to7500@$4.50$22,504.50 - $33,750.0012Add 10%
7501to10000@$4.00$30,004.00 - $40,000.0012Add 10%
Above 10,000 Users - Call for Quote - 1-800-929-3355