Would I Work For Me?


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How does management impact employee productivity?

Management isn’t easy, particularly in manufacturing settings. And what specifically is the supervisor’s role in employee productivity?  Most employees will tell you that what affects their productivity most of all is their immediate supervisor.  It is therefore critical for supervisors to understand how to effectively work with their employees.

The video, “Would I Work For Me?” demonstrates how a supervisor’s behavior dramatically affects employee productivity.  First, viewers see a newly appointed supervisor interacting in various situations with his employees.  Because of inexperience, he consistently has a negative impact.  Then, you see the same supervisor, with more experience, demonstrating how he should have handled those situations.  Because he has learned from his mistakes, he knows how to gain employee support.  And greater productivity follows from that support.  Most importantly, viewers will learn eight effective management skills that improve motivation, productivity and the bottom line.   Finally, this program is especially relevant for managers and supervisors in a manufacturing setting.

Running Time: 20 minutes

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Included with purchase of program:

  • Leader’s Guide (PDF) Comprehensive 28 page guide with materials for live training sessions
  • Reproducible Participant Workbook (PDF)
  • PowerPoint Presentation (approximately 22 slides)
  • e-Learning version includes pre-test, video presentation and post-test – more information here
  • This program may also be licensed for streaming and/or use within your LMS. We offer both hosted and self hosted delivery options – more information here