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When you’re hiring new talent, finding the right person with the right attitude and mind-set is a top priority. This program shows you how to make that happen.   Read More…

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Why focus on attitude?

While skills can be taught, attitude cannot.  You’ve probably hired someone who you thought at first was perfect for the job.  Then you finally realized that the person could not function in your organization. Why?  Because they had the wrong attitude.  These days, fewer people are  doing more work.  Therefore, organizations cannot afford costly hiring mistakes.  And the resulting turnover costs even more time and money.  So, finding the right person with the right attitude and mind-set is a top priority.

In this video, a newly promoted manager needs to quickly hire a replacement for himself.  Fortunately he gets some valuable advice from a fellow employee   She guides him through the entire hiring process, from planning through interviewing and finally evaluation.  As a result, he is able to hire someone with the skills and attitude necessary for the job.  Most importantly, viewers will gain that skill also.

Running Time: 20 minutes

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Included with purchase of program:

  • Leader’s Guide (PDF) Comprehensive 28 page guide with materials for live training sessions
  • PowerPoint Presentation (approximately 10 slides)
  • e-Learning version includes pre-test, video presentation and post-test – more information here
  • This program may also be licensed for streaming and/or use within your LMS.  We offer both hosted and self hosted delivery options – more information here