Win Teams: How One Company Made Empowerment Work


See how an empowerment program transformed a company.   Most noteworthy is the real people involved–workers, supervisors, and managers–recreate the dramatic story of how they turned their company around.  Read More…

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See how one company made empowerment work.  A true story! 

There are many success stories of empowerment.  Yet few are as dramatic and inspiring as that of the Ericsson G.E. Mobile Communications plant in Lynchburg, Virginia.

First, this dramatic video demonstrates how an employee involvement program transformed a company.  In addition, the real people involved–workers, supervisors, and managers–recreate the remarkable story of this company’s turnaround.  Furthermore, viewers the actual people involved discuss how empowerment has changed their work life for the better.  Finally, viewers see a company that could have been shut down become a success.  All this happened as a result of employee involvement.

Empowerment can make a real difference in a company’s corporate culture. Most important is that employees at every level learn how to implement an empowerment program. And they can see the benefits to themselves and the organization.  So, let your employees see how self-directed work teams really do work–not just for the company’s benefit–but for everyone’s.

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Running Time: 23 minutes

  • Leader’s Guide (PDF) 16 page guide with materials for live training sessions
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